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BiGWheel is our house-brand trade mark by Dynaron Enterprises Pte Ltd. Bigwheel has a wide selection of abrasives types and grades.

Users of BiGWheel include :
~ Fokker Svs Asia,
~ ST Aerospace Engineering and
~ Pratt & Whitney Singapore.

In our expansion drive, we are looking for overseas distributors of BiGWheel particularly in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Middle East.

JAD Chemical

JAD Chemical’s early commitment to protecting the environment has led to the use of advanced and innovative technology for today and tomorrows environmental challenges. JAD Chemical Co. manufacture and market the safest and most economical degreasers available.

JAD Chemical Company is your source for the newest high tech, environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-ozone depleting products that handle the toughest jobs! JAD Chemical Company has a complete product line for military, commercial and consumer use.

JAD Chemical Company’s high tech, environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-ozone depleting products have been approved for use by General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce/Allison, Solar Turbines, EGT and other major engine manufacturers.
MA 109 C Type II & III Concentrated Gas Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner
~ QPL TO MIL PRF 85704-C
MA 110 RTU Ready To Use Gas Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner
MA 303 Type III Heavy Duty Gel Cleaner
~ QPL TO MIL PRF 87937 C
MA 404 Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner – Boeing DPM 5278-2
MA 102 Type II Heavy Duty Exterior & Interior Wash
~ QPL TO MIL-C-85570-B
MA 117 Hanger / Deck Cleaner
~ NSN# 6850 01 442 4169
Magic 102 All Purpose Cleaner


Snappy Materials is an international metals distributor and service center headquartered in Wallingford, CT with stocking locations in California, Michigan, and Texas.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered and Pratt & Whitney LCS/MCS approved, you can rely on Snappy Materials for consistent quality and service.

SnappyMaterials High Performance Metals include:
Aircraft grade aluminum
Nickel alloys
Oxygen Free Copper
PH Grade Stainless Steel
CP and Alloy Titanium
High Temperature Alloys

Our inventory of SnappyMaterials includes a wide range of sizes in bar, rod, tubing, plate, sheet, and wire configurations. Examples of some of our most popular specialty metals include:
Aluminum bar stock: round and rectangular bar
Titanium: sheet, plate, and round bar
Copper: sheet, plate, bar, and tubing
High Temperature/Nickel: bar
Stainless Steel: tubing, stainless bar, aircraft grade sheet and plate

Snappy specializes in aircraft quality metals and high temperature alloys for the Aerospace, defense, electronics, marine, medical, petrochemical, PVD, telecommunications, and transportation industries in overseas markets.


AeroGo originally formed in 1967 to provide engineering design and manufacturing for specialized assembling and tooling fixtures for the aerospace industry. Since then, AeroGo has excelled in providing practical and efficient methods of rotation, alignment, transfer, location and movement of materials and products weighing between 500lbs/230kg and to well over 5,000 Tons through the use of air bearing systems. AeroGo’s professional team of experienced personnel supplies a wide range of standard or custom designed air caster systems to meet assembly, tooling and material handling needs for large, awkward and heavy loads.


Established 1970, based in Atlanta with offices in Tampa & Wichita. FAA Repair Station #GT4R218M with capabilities on over 1300 Items EASA Approved (145. 4187) Stocking distributor of avionics lines from every major avionics manufacturer, Including:
Honeywell Collins Garmin
Meggit S-Tec ACSS
Racal KGS RapidSet®

Complete rotables support for most turbine-powered, corporate-class Citation, King Air, Beechjet, Hawker and Challenger .


For over 90 years and with over 650 employees worldwide, the SUHNER Group of companies has developed ideas and solutions to create state-of-the-art industrial products and manufacturing processes.
Carbide Burrs Grinding – and Cutting Wheels SUperflex® Flap discs
Cleaning discs Flap wheels Non-woven Nylon Brushes
SUN-Press and SUN-Roll Flap brush Spiral Bands
Grinding and finishing belts SUN-fix


Since its inception in 1994, AR-Tech has been dedicated to delivering high quality products. Strict quality system under the new F.A.A guidelines for traceability and approval of parts has been implemented in accordance with:

– FAR 121
– AS 9100:2004 / ISO 9001:2000
– C.A.S.E

Products of AR-Tech includes:
Q.E.C Engine Accessories Avionics
Radio Hydraulics
Engine & Accessory Spares Instruments Indicators


Extremely powerful electrical motors driven by high-performance, maintenance-free GEL batteries with high cycling capability and regulated and controlled by two high-performance microprocessors provide the enormous driving forces.

Mototok is used for:
M 520 aircraft with single & double nosewheel, wheeled helicopter
TWIN 6000 S-HD aircraft with single & double nosewheel, wheeled helicopter
TWIN 6500 SP-HD aircraft with single & double nosewheel, wheeled helicopter
SPACER 8500 MA aircraft with double nosewheel
Helimo all helicopter types landing skids

Levon Aviation

Levon Aviation bring the leading industry expertise and innovation in aircraft ground power and services. As specialists in various types of aviation ground power systems, we understand our customer’s needs, and our engineering resources are underpinned by well-equipped in-house manufacturing and testing facilities.

* Transport Standards – Approved as non-hazardous cargo for Ground, Sea and Air transport
Levon Aviation has developed a range of 28 volt portable Combination Units to provide DC power for avionics work, shop maintenance, diagnostics, training or demonstrations and Aircraft Engine and APU Starting.

Click here to download Brochure
LA100 – 1000
LA200 – 2000
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Range of 24, 26 and 28 volt portable Starter Units to provide DC power for Aircraft Engine and APU starting

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L-3 Electronic System Services

L-3 Electronic Systems businesses provide a broad range of products, including components, products, systems and subsystems, and related services to military and commercial customers in several niche markets.

L-3 Aviation Products include:
Integrated Avionics
Flight Displays
Flight Data & Cockpit Voice Recorders
Emergency Power Supplies
Avionics/Electronics Repair & Overhaul
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You can find CEJN in every corner of the world and we proudly carry the reputation as the leading global quick connect coupling specialist. Born and developed through Swedish ingenuity gives us a heritage to be proud of. “Made in Sweden” is for us, a seal of high industrial quality. Add “by CEJN” and you get quick connect couplings with the assurance of quality and superior performance to guarantee professional use and customer benefit.
– Standard Couplings & Nipples
– ESafe Couplings & Nipples
– Safety Couplings & Nipples
– Safety Lock Couplings & Nipples
– Button Style Couplings & Nipples
– Soft-Line Couplings
– Lightweight Couplings
– Multi-Link Systems
– Hose & Kits

Proven Solutions Partner

PIC is a global provider of aircraft cables, electronic cables, cable connectors and avionic cable assemblies for demanding military, corporate and commercial applications that include airplanes, helicopters, ground vehicles, rail transport and marine vessels.
RFMATES® – Aircraft Coaxial Cables 50 Ohm & Aircraft Triaxial Cables 50 Ohm
VideoMATES® – Aircraft Coaxial 75 Ohm & Aircraft Triaxial Cables – 75 Ohm
DataMATES® – Aircraft Databus, Ethernet and Digital Video Cables
MicroMATES® – Aircraft Microwave Cables / Aircraft High Frequency Cables
Aircraft Cable Assemblies – Aircraft Cable Assembly Worksheets

Elitar – Sigma : Light Sport Aircraft

Elitar-Sigma aircraft is designed in full conformity with the USA FAA and European regulations for very light airplanes JAR-VLA and is intended for instructional and training flights, patrolling of forestlands, fields and fishing areas in order to protect them against poaching, for patrolling along power transmission lines, oil and gas pipe lines to monitor their condition, for air photo surveying, for aerotourism, private business travels, hunting and fishing.

When supplied with different additional on-board equipment it can also be employed for a number of other purposes. Elitar-Sigma airplane can be additionally equipped with skis or floats as landing gear.

GME, The Aircraft Wheel & Brake Safe Handling System

The Groundmaster™ Safe Handling System is the unique new system that minimises the manual handling of aircraft wheels at all stages of the handling process…. at the wheel supplier; during transport and storage, in the hangar and on the tarmac and during the all important removal and refit of wheels to the aircraft undercarriage.

The magic of Groundmaster is in the unique stillage carrier system that minimises handling of the wheel at every stage of the process. For too long, wheel changing has required significant manual handling and lifting and posed an ongoing occupational health and safety risk for workers.
The new Groundmaster minimises these risks by creating the all in one wheel stillage, wheel and brake changer/lifter and combination transport trailer.

GLOBALSYS, Professional Wireless Communication Systems

GLOBALSYS is acknowledged as an expert for Cordless Audio applications, being able to propose a very wide spectrum of wireless technologies adapted for Voice communications in particular (Analog, DECT/WDCT, Bluetooth, Voice over IP / WiFi, GSM, WIMAX…).
Wireless/Cordless and Wired Communication Ramp Headsets for Airport/Airline Ground Handling/Support
Wireless/Cordless and Wired Communication Headsets for Military/Police/Navy Helicopters/Military Aircrafts/Vessels/Vehicles