The Air Caster Rigging System is a portable and flexible rigging kit. Using compressed air through air casters, this kit moves heavy loads without causing damage to the floor. In addition, the omnidirectional movement of the load means it’s safe for the workers and the environment. An air caster rigging system is easy to use in any work environment that has an appropriate floor surface and compressed-air supply.

The Air Caster Rigging System can be used to move a variety of loads from light industrial equipment to giant rolls of paper. The system uses compressed air to create a cushion under the load and lift it off the ground. The operator controls the amount of movement of the load, eliminating the risk of impact damage, vibration, and friction. An air caster system is a low-cost solution that provides a high level of mobility and safety.

Air caster rigging systems, also known as air skates, are an innovative way to move heavy loads. The system works by using a thin layer of air, making the movement of the load virtually frictionless. They require as little as one to five pounds of force to move one thousand pounds of load. The system can be used to move large loads of up to 100 tons. Companies like R. Baker & Son regularly utilize air casters to move plant equipment.

The air caster rigging system uses compressed air to move loads. Its efficiency is largely dependent on the weight of the load and the size and number of air casters used. A heavy-duty air caster rigging system will require airflow of 48 scf per minute. The manufacturer of the air caster rigging system can give you specific requirements for air flow. These specifications should be discussed with the customer before the installation begins.

An air caster rigging system is also known as an air skate. It uses a thin layer of air to move heavy loads. This means that the load will be lifted and lowered without risk of impact damage. It also eliminates friction and vibration. The system can handle up to 100 tons of weight. It is often used in construction sites and factory relocation projects. The Aero-Caster is the most efficient air caster rigging system on the market.

An air caster rigging system is a very effective way to move heavy loads in tight spaces. It’s easy to move large objects with an air caster rig, and it eliminates the risk of damage caused by vibration and friction. You can easily change the direction of your load by simply adjusting the control panel on the air caster. The air casters are capable of moving the entire weight of a load of up to 100 tons.