AeroGo - Air Caster Rigging Systems

AeroGo manufactures innovative load moving equipment, utilizing wheels and hovercraft technology, that move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads in factories.

AeroGo heavy duty air caster rigging systems provide a superior solution to move loads of any size, shape or weight. Also referred to as machine skates, air skates or air dollies, this versatile heavy load rigging product can be positioned under any load shape to provide support where needed.


  • Lightweight modern aluminium construction for easy handling and insertion — up to 4 times lighter than competitive steel modules
  • Superior lift heightto enable insertion moves and overcome floor surface irregularities
  • Highest operating pressureprovides more lifting capacity in a smaller area
  • Precise air pressure regulators with filtration system
  • Toughest fabric reinforced material increases caster strength and lifespan
  • Strongest Construction.Exceeds ASME B30.1, 2:1 overload requirement for air casters
  • Safer setup and operation utilizing color coded hoses
  • Special casters available for varying floor surface conditions