DeGroff Aviation - PitotShield V2™ Safety Pitot Cover

PitotShield V2™️ The first and only pitot tube cover that protects commercial aircraft pitot tubes from contamination and disengages from the pitot tube, falling harmlessly away if left on prior to take-off. After years of development, various concepts and testing, we are now introducing a “Fail-Safe” pitot cover for Commercial Aircraft… PitotShield V2™️

Compatible for Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Learjet, Bombardier, and many more.


  • Our new PitotShield V2™️ is designed specifically for Turbine/ Transport aircraft with high-temperature pitot tube heat in mind.
  • PitotShield V2™️ will not melt on a hot pitot tube, whether during power-up for maintenance checks or power-up prior to take-off.
  • PitotShield V2™️ disengages before the aircraft reaches the taxiway or runway→ No potential for taxiway or runway FOD.
  • PitotShield V2™️ has a universal fit for nearly all pitot tubes.
  • Unique design makes PitotShield V2™️ tighten up on the pitot tube if disturbed by wind or prop/jet-blast on a ramp.