SAVED (Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display)

SAVED is in development by Klatt Works for one of the world’s largest commercial carriers and is in the STC certification process with the FAA. Flight testing on the Boeing 777, 767, 757, and MD-11 is planned.

During a smoke in the cockpit emergency, when the pilot cannot clearly see the flight-control instruments, the pilots cannot navigate and aviate even though they can breath and see within their oxygen mask. In such a situation, SAVED provides a see-through display inside the oxygen mask of the nose camera video with HUD symbology. SAVED is an example of unequaled innovation in augmented reality and will ultimately increase safety of flight across the the aviation industry. No in mask solution currently exists that is FAA certified.

Technical Specifications


  • Capable of receiving SDI or NTSC video formats from the aircraft
  • Low Latency electro – optical system


  • Duel 720p 4:3 stereoscopic see-through displays up to 60fps
  • Rugged, see-through displays
  • Adjustable brightness displays capable of operating in cockpit day & night


  • Not a one time use device. SAVED can be used over and over again, to help the user gain familiarity through training.


  • Vertically adjustable optics for optimal fit
  • Integrates into standard masks without mask modification
  • DO-160 Passed
  • FAA STCs for Boeing 757, 767, 777 and MD 11 aircraft in-process/ planned


  • Dual redundant aircraft power from right and left cockpit buses


  • Lightweight module: 11.2 oz
  • Ease of donning in hazardouz situation