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Introducing the Mototok Spacer 400

Experience unmatched versatility with the new Mototok Spacer 400 – the future of aircraft ground handling. Designed specially  to serve both narrow and wide body aircraft, it stands as an essential asset for airlines aiming for peak efficiency.

Seamlessly transition between diverse fleet sizes, ensuring a consistent, high-performance pushback operations.

 Elevate your ground handling operations with the Spacer 400. 

Diverse Fleet Compatibility

With a single button, operators can conduct pushbacks on narrow to wide body aircraft without the need for tow bars, tractors, or wing walkers.

High Return on Investment

Mototok tugs reduce up to 70% of pushback delays, with its minimal training, simple interface, and low maintenance requirements.

Trusted Worldwide

With over 100,000 pushbacks completed in airports around the world, Mototok tugs are the smart, efficient choice for airlines looking for easy moving.


Join the countless airports worldwide that have trusted Mototok Spacer technology for over eight years. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the future of aircraft handling with the Mototok Spacer 400 – coming soon!


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