If you need to tow products and materials through your business’s workspace, you should consider investing in electric power tugs from Dynaron Enterprises.

These utility vehicles are able to transport your products through narrow spaces smoothly and efficiently, which is especially useful for warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

For our latest blog, we have put together four reasons why you should consider electric tugs –

Reasons to Choose Electric Power Tugs

1. Highly Maneuverable – These tugs can maneuver into tight spaces where other larger industrial vehicles simply will not fit. Their narrow builds allow them to fit into smaller spaces plus they have a large load and two capacities.

2. Increase Productivity – These vehicles are small but strong, meaning they can quickly tow heavy products and heavy amounts of products throughout the workspace. As they can fit into narrow aisles and around tight corners, they are able to carry products to destinations quicker than larger vehicles such as forklifts. Additionally, electric tugs can deliver products with little to no damage because they are less likely to run into shelves in warehouses or other equipment during outdoor or indoor tasks. Lowering the likelihood of accidents will also lower your business’s maintenance costs.

3. Moving More Than Just Products – If your colleagues need transport around a warehouse or large job site, you could look into purchasing or hiring a personal carrier. This type of vehicle saves you the trouble of walking or driving larger vehicles around job sites near dangerous machinery. A personal carrier will be able to ferry you around while navigating around the machinery or aisle and keep your workforce safe.

4. Environmentally Friendly – Many tow tugs are electric, which means they run on rechargeable batteries and do not give off any fumes which make them more environmentally friendly. If you are working on an outdoor job site, using these vehicles will offset or replace combustion engines or lift trucks.

5. Get in Touch for More Information

If you are interested in Dynaron‘s selection of electric power tugs, contact us today. We will be more than happy to help you choose the right one for your requirements.