Tractive Power - Electrical Tugs

Tractive Power tugs are fully programmable and customizable AC powered tugs able to cater to your special requirements. These one man operable tugs are able to preserve the health of employees, boost safety records in the workplace, increase manpower efficiency and are versatile for use indoors and outdoors. These fully electrical tugs are able to tow, 1000kg, 2000kg, up to 10 000kg on castors.

They ensure that operators can enjoy safe and efficient handling at all times. Simple to use, robust and ergonomically designed. Saving time, money and improving health and safety has seen the Tractive Pusher to be invaluable to companies once implemented. We believe these electric tug units are the best on the Market!


  • Small turning radius of 0.5m
  • Customizable couplings for operations
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Fully electrical battery operated